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Extended warranty

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For equipment purchased at the online store MYRIG, provides a 180-day warranty.

Warranty repair is carried out locally* within 3 working days in Ukraine and 5 working days in Russia from the date of receipt of equipment by the service center. After the expiration of the extended warranty repair of equipment is carried out at the prices of the service center.

The Service Center may refuse warranty service, if it detects:

  • Failure to comply with the technical standards of operation as stated in the device manual (the documentation can be found on the manufacturer's website);
  • Lack of original packing and complete set of equipment;
  • Removal/replacement of any of the equipment components;
  • Damage (shifted chips and radiators, etc.) caused by a faulty power supply, lightning, lack of grounding or voltage surge;
  • Use of the equipment in a humid environment (traces of corrosion);
  • Installation and use of third-party firmware and factory frequency changes ("overclocking")
  • Damage or lack of warranty seals of the service center on the equipment;
  • Connecting the equipment to multipools (NiceHash, MiningRigRentals, etc.), which can automatically change the mined crypt currency depending on profitability;
  • Unstable connection to the Internet;
  • Internal and external modifications to the device for noise reduction, etc.
  • There are no three pool URLs with different ports in the equipment settings (Miner Configuration).

To use the extended warranty, the customer needs to create a ticket on our website and send** the defective equipment to the MYRIG service center at their own expense. If the results of the diagnosis confirm the warranty case, the return of the equipment is at the company's expense. Otherwise, the customer pays for the delivery of the equipment from the service center.

*The repair is carried out in the country where the purchase was made.

**MYRIG is not responsible for a poorly packed part or damage during transportation to the service center.